Why JavaScript is a good starting-point for beginner


Why Javascript you should learn JavaScript

JavasScript has recently become the most popular programming language in the world. Not just using for Web development like it was initially created for but also for Mobile develop even Desktop application.
Those reasons are enough to make JavaScript a great choice for beginners.

Is JavaScript easy to learn?

– Yes it is

It uses dynamic datatype

Which means it’s flexible, you don’t have to specify the datatype for variables. One variable can be a string then become a number, an array or an object depends on your mood (:D). It’s not that strict like when you learn Java

You can see what you’ve done in a beautiful way

Working with JavaScript, you can see your product in a visual way. The first step into this language, most people will work with the web, and it’s not too hard to write some JS code to manipulate the web. It’s some kind of interesting more than just see some output lines in the console.

Show me what JavaScript can do!

  • Web, of course, as soon as you learn some basic Javascript knowledge, you will be able to work on DOM manipulation, to make a web dynamic.
  • Mobile application: not a problem, you can make one since you are good enough, know something about ES6, and get to learn React Native.
  • Desktop application: Now, learn about ElectronJS, you will rock your laptop.
  • Back-end server: Why not? with NodeJS, you will have the ability to create a server using JavaScript that working with any kind of Database

No need to deal with OOP?

Kind of.
Some people are frightened of the concept of Object Oriented Programming, me either. This is not a big deal when you start to learn JavaScript. Yes, it has some concept of Inheritance, even OOP, but that a long way from begin. And I’m pretty sure that you can make a lot of beautiful thing before reach to this point.


JavaScript has amazing large support community to ensure that you question in Stack Overflow or Github is quickly answered.

Job demand

JavaScript is something that you can see in a lot of job posting out there. Since it’s used widely, from front-end to back-end, from web to mobile app.


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