Delivery guy – trips monitoring app for delivery guy


A friend of mine works as a delivery guy, he asked me if I can make a mobile app that helps him tracking on every trip he makes in the day. This app helps delivery guys keep track of the amount the customer pay, and the tips that he gets from the particular trip as well as address and time.

In this application I also make some animation to give the user better experience.

Technical Info:

  • Status: on trial
  • Language: JavaScript
  • Stack: React Native, Redux, React Navigation


1. Home screen

  • Show a brief preview of the everyday total amount of customer had paid and the total tips that delivery guy had received

2. Menu / Product List

  • Handle tracking for a single day.
  • Input for every trip
  • Information about each trips on a single row with customer pay, tips, address, time.
  • Every row can be swiped left to edit, right to delete.
  • The bottom bar show the total information of the day

More pictures:


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