Free Lecture: Understanding DOM manipulation – How to validate a form


This is a practical lecture, everything is built on practicing. So, please bring your laptop along.

In this lecture I will help you to understand the DOM structure, DOM manipulation, selecting element, validating the value in a form.

Since I will use a Form that similar to the lab 7 of Web Programming class. I hope this will help you have some ideas to finish it on your owns. The form will be provided later.

Lecture Outline:

  • Dom Structure
  • Selecting element with Id, tag name, class…
  • Validating the value of the elements
  • Appending the HTML elements
  • Inserting and removing the HTML elements in the DOM.


Please read all the slide in class, have yourself some basic knowledge about DOM, JavaScript so that I don’t have to explain simple things and save time for everybody.

Room and time: Algonquin College – A Building – Meeting Room A-118B  from 4-6 PM  – 30 Oct 2018



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