Basic Web and DOM Manipulation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM)

In order to provide basic knowledge about web development for those who are interested in building a web page.
This section is designed for Computer Programmer level 2 at Algonquin college to have a strong foundation and some advance knowledge of structuring HTML, CSS selection and styling, basic JavaScript code, understanding DOM & DOM manipulation.
Outcome: This tutorial is created to provide you with enough knowledge to work on Web programming week 6 bonus by yourself
Guarantee: I will help you to check on your week 6 bonus, refactor the code after you trying to make it done.

Basic Web and DOM Manipulation (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM) Tutorial

Below is the content of this tutorial section:
  • What is HTML
  • Define HTML structure
  • Block element vs Inline Element
  • Block components
  • Id and class for HTML elements
  • CSS selector
  • Combine selector
  • General selector
  • Descendant selector
  • Basic styling
  • Data type, declare and assign variable
  • Function, global variable vs Scope variable
  • Array and Object in Js
  • Boolean Logic in JS
  • Using Chrome develop tool
DOM and DOM manipulation:
  • What is DOM
  • How to manipulate DOM
  • DOM selector
  • Event & Event handling
  • Appending HTML content and DOM structure

Tutorial section information:

Duration: 2 hours.


  • In person: you can book me at Algonquin peer tutoring and search for my name (Ngoc Sang Nguyen) under the course number: CTS8101
  • In Group: 14CAD/person for 3-5 people section





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